I took about half of the day’s pay and purchased HTML for Dummies and JAVA for Dummies. I should have started with javascript but I did not know the difference at that time.

I had high hopes that I would be able to change careers from being an Inventory Auditor to becoming a web designer. This did not materialize but I really kick myself now for not pursuing it more aggressively. Building websites in those days was child’s play compared to building the front end and developing the back end today! That is why I am using a Content Management System or CMS, known as WordPress, to handle this task now. They take care of all of the heavy lifting involved such as server-side programming, which allows the page to interact with a server and tools like databases, to cross-browser implementation and compatibility as well as the now ubiquitous, mobile optimization. I highly recommend using a CMS. The last instructor I learned Web Design from on also uses a CMS for his own site and recommended them.

Several years later, in two thousand nine, I found myself out of work and with plenty of free time to learn the newest HTML5 and CSS3 best practices. I dove in once again hoping to find my way in the new economy and reinvent myself as so many people were forced to when the bottom fell out in 2008. I met a person who truly inspired me to push the envelope. Fred loved the concept of internet marketing and was really excited to meet someone who liked to design web pages. He had a book which he gave me called,¬†Search Engine Optimization Bible, by Jerri L. Ledford.I still have it and have been reading it again recently. This book was so well written in 2008 that it mostly holds true even now in 2016! The focus is on relevance and being a real solution to someone’s search also known as White Hat SEO as opposed to Black Hat techniques to lure searchers under false or misleading pretenses. This is very important to me. I do not like being manipulated or tricked and have no desire to do those type of things.