What is Affiliate Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization means that you want your sites to rank as high in the Search Engine listings for the niche markets you are promoting
For example;
You have the hypothetical search term “best potato peeler”. It had a high amount of searches but a low amount of utilization. You want Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine to rank your site that promotes cooking and kitchen gadgets and just so happens to review the best potato peelers at, or as close as possible to, the top. You would also have some ads that lead to the sellers of such items and get a commission for a sale. I am speaking of organic SEO at this point. pay per click is another level. This is accomplished by;

  • Having the term in the domain name when possible,
  • Using the term in the H1 heading and subsequent h2, h3 or smaller headings.
  • Sprinkling the term throughout the articles in a natural, conversational, manner.
  • Linking to other, authoritative sites for the term within the articles and in menus.

This should all be done with as much actual relevance as possible. Hopefully you can blog passionately about the best potato peeler ever and get others enthused as well. No? I would be willing to bet that there is something that you are very enthusiastic about that others are as well. I am trying to promote products that I know from experience people love to buy and order online and also trying to find products to promote that are in niches I am personally interested in such as music equipment, musical instruments, music in general, outdoor activities like hiking and camping. If you blog or vlog about stuff that you love to do and your site has links to truly useful items it is a win win for you and potential customers!

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